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Workshop Qlik Sense Web Integration
Combine your data Qlik Sense with your own web application! The powerful Qlik Sense enigine can be combined with all conceivable web technologies.
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It is important to know that the workshop is given in Dutch. To get started quickly, it is useful to bring a laptop wherever Qlik Sense Desktop is preinstalled. Qlik Sense requires Microsoft Windows 7 or higher (64-bit version only). To Qlik Sense to be able to use is one Qlik account required. You can do this here create
1 day
13.00 - 16.00 hours
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Suitable for
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business user
Use pre-built applications to analyze data and make informed data-driven decisions
Business Analyst
Create powerful, clear and advanced visualizations. Discover the best ways to help users explore information
Data Architect
Manage and consolidate data from different tables and sources and integrate it into a dashboard interface
System Administrator
Administrator of the qlik platform. Responsible for the authorization and authentication, including reloading and publishing documents
Enterprise Architect
Architect of the Qlikplatform, gives users access and provides application access
Unlocking all possible data sources and designing efficient data models. Custom development of Qlik applications of management dashboards, reports, KPIs

Qlik Sense Web Integration - Embedded analytics

Combine your data Qlik Sense with your own web application! The powerful Qlik Sense enigine can be combined with all conceivable web technologies. True Qlik Sense itself is limited in design as the dashboards can be completely styled in your own style through web integration. Qlik Sense supports the latest web technologies, allowing for endless combinations and designs. The possibilities of using mashups are endless!

What do we treat

  • Architecture
  • Dev Hub
  • Templates & frameworks
  • Script explanation
  • Build mashup
  • Task

Search and analyze large amounts of data in an instant. Qlik Sense shows you which data is really related to each other. Analyze the data, make it known in your organization and take action earlier than you have been able to do before. With Qlik transform data into insights into all aspects of your business. Qlik Sense comes standard with a variety of FREE connectors. In addition Qlik Sense about the basic functionalities of Geo Analytics with which you can enrich your data with geographic data.

We like to help you
Wietske Striekwold
Wietske Striekwold
Office Manager
074 – 2915208
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workshop qlik sense

Qlik Follow a Sense workshop


More about Qlik Sense.

Qlik Sense comes in a free desktop version with full functionality. Developed apps (dashboards) can be shared indefinitely. If you want to share your apps web-based, there is now one Qlik Cloud where up to 3 apps can be published for free. For the trusted internal centralized and controlled app rollout, there is one Qlik Sense Server available with official (paid) licenses (tokens).


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