alteryx is the platform for Self-Service Data Analytics

Drag-and-drop visual workflow, no scripting required. Import, clean up, merge and enrich data. Clear workflow of the entire data process with the possibility to view interim results
All data sources can be read easily and quickly (Excel, database, data warehouse, social media apps, cloud data and Big Data platforms such as Hadoop).
Enrich data with spatial analytics. Plot your data on google maps, calculate distances between locations etc.
Enrich data with predictive analytics with ready-to-use “R” -based algorithms to make predictions.
Automated export of prepared datasets (workflow) to any format or database. Seamless integration with other BI tools (Qlik, Tableau, Power BI etc) so that advanced visualizations can be created immediately.
What makes Alteryx different?
Solutions that enable analysts to blend data, build analytics, and share insights!
Repeatable workflow
Repeatable workflow
Automate time-consuming, manual data tasks and easily customize analytic questions
Free Code and Code Friendly
Free Code and Code Friendly
Drag + drop tools in an intuitive user interface to prepare, merge and analyze data
Volume + variety of data
Volume + variety of data
Process data from spreadsheets, data warehouses, cloud applications and more
Only Hours, not weeks
Only Hours, not weeks
Get the answers you need yourself
Advanced Analytics
Advanced Analytics
Perform predictive, statistical and spatial analysis in the same workflow
Analytics at scale
Analytics at scale
Customize, schedule, and publish analysis for easy consumption
Alteryx platform
For many analysts in functional departments such as marketing, sales, finance or customer insights, the process is of
data preparation and making business intelligence apps a slow and painful process.

Alteryx workflow
Alteryx enables data analysts to combine data preparation, data mixing and analysis - predictive, statistical and spatial - with the same intuitive user interface, without coding.

Alteryx workflow

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they use alteryx
More than 700 customers and 200.000 users rely on Alteryx every day!

Alteryx Verizon
Verizon Communications is one of the largest US telecommunications companies.
Alteryx Unilever
Unilever is a multinational food, personal care and cleaning company.
Alteryx Levi's
Levi's is an American clothing company best known as the producer of the Levi's brand of jeans pants
Alteryx Audi
Audi is a manufacturer of luxury passenger cars and works closely with Lamborghini and Ducati within the Volkswagen Group.
Alteryx Dell
Dell Inc. is an American computer manufacturer based in Round Rock, Texas. Dell and EMC subsequently became subsidiaries of Dell Technologies.
Alteryx Vodafone
Vodafone Group is the name of the parent company of a number of subsidiaries active in mobile telephony

The Alteryx Platform

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Alteryx Product overview

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prices alteryx
Alteryx offers you the possibility to schedule work schedules that can be executed at specific times, daily, weekly, monthly etc. or according to a custom schedule. Designer w / Desktop Automation is not supported on ServerOS and only works from a desktop computer. The limitation is that the machine must be powered on and running to execute the workflows. Alteryx Designer can only be installed on a server without a scheduler. Alteryx Server gives you the ability to push scheduled workflows to the server with one click and handle workflow execution at scheduled times independently of the desktop computer on the server itself. You also have the option to publish your workflows as apps in a privately hosted gallery for everyone in the company to access and run on demand without the need for a Designer license.

Alteryx Designer
Create Analytics
€ 5.195Per user / per year
Agnostic Data Access
Data Prep and Blending
Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics
Report and Share Insights in any Format
Alteryx Server
Analytics at Scale
€ 58.000per year *
Enterprise Scalability
Sharing and Collaboration
Analytical Governance
* Base price for single server with 4-cores
Alteryx Server Connect
Share Analytics
€ 39.000per year *
Sharing and Collaboration
Data Asset Discovery & Cataloging
Metadata Management
Google-like Data Search
Location Insights Data Set
Create Analytics
€ 11.700Per user / per year
TomTom, DigitalGlobe Data Packages, and more
Analytics-ready data, boundaries, and maps
Global data packages available
Business Insights Data Set
Analytics at Scale
€ 33.800Per user / per year
Demographic, Spatial and Segmentation
Sharing and Collaboration
Firmographic Data Packages
Desktop Scheduling
Share Analytics
€ 6.500Per user / per year
Schedule and Automate Analytic Workflows
Set and control scheduling from desktop
Automated operational reports
The above prices are in EUR for Alteryx products. The published prices above are for a subscription period of 1 year. Multi-year pricing options are available, contact us for more information. Prices are exclusive of applicable sales tax and / or VAT. To purchase a license for use by customers of a purchasing organization, OEM or service solution or for more information, please contact our sales team. One license for Alteryx Designer with Spatial includes a choice of geographic data for one of the following areas: United States, Canada, United Kingdom / Ireland, Europe, Australia / New Zealand or Brazil. Alteryx Designer can be installed on desktop client and server. Alteryx Designer with Desktop Automation can only be installed on desktop OS and will not work on server OS. Automatic and scaled scheduling on the server is done with Alteryx Server.
Learning objectives and topics
Alterxy Designer Alterxy Designer
Alterxy Server Alterxy Server
Alteryx Server Connect Alteryx Server Connect
Alteryx Consultancy Alteryx Consultancy
Alteryx Prices Alteryx Prices
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alteryx in practice
Alteryx offers the possibility to easily collect data from different source systems in one intuitive workflow and enrich it for further analysis purposes.
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