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Alteryx Designer w/Desktop Automation gives you the ability to schedule workflows to run at certain times, daily, weekly, monthly etc. or on a custom schedule. Designer w/Desktop Automation is not supported on ServerOS and only works from a desktop machine. The limitation is that the machine needs to be switched on and running for the workflows to execute. Alteryx Designer can only be installed on a server without scheduler. Alteryx Server gives you the ability to push scheduled workflows to the Server in one click and have the execution of the workflow at the scheduled times handled on the Server itself independent of the desktop machine. You also have the ability to publish your workflows as apps in a private hosted gallery for anyone in the business to access and run on demand without the need to have a Designer Licence.

Alteryx Designer

Create Analyctics

  • € 3.995
    Per User, Per Year
  • Data blending and advanced analytics
  • Intuitive design workflow for analysts
  • Create and share analytic applications

w/ Spatial

  • € 12.995
    Per User, Per Year
  • One Alteryx designer license
  • Analytics ready data from TomTom
  • Data specific analysis tools to get the most from spatial data

Desktop Automation

  • € 5.000
    Per-User, Per-Year (3-Year subscription)
  • Schedule workflows to refresh automatically
  • Create and control scheduling from your desktop
  • Add-on for Alteryx Designer licenses (requires one of the three licenses above)

Alteryx Server

Scale Analyctics

  • € 45.000
    Per-Server, Per-Year (3-Year Subscription)
  • Scale and automate data processing
  • Manage and schedule analytic workflows
  • Share analytic applications with up to 50 business users
  • Can be deployed on a server with up to 4 CPU cores

Alteryx Analytics Gallery

Share Analyctics

  • € 1.500
    Per User, Per Year
  • Consume analytic apps in the cloud
  • Experience simple to use advanced analytics
  • Access apps in secure, private environment
The above prices are in EUR for Alteryx products and are per-year subscription prices based on a 3-year or a 1-year contract, with annual payment. 1-year subscriptions are available at a 30% uplift to the 3-year annual price. Pricing is based on single-unit pricing, and does not account for volume discounting or taxes. Alteryx markets its products around the world and regional pricing may vary. Pricing is subject to change without notice.

Pricing and licensing is based on internal use of licenses only. To purchase a license for use by clients of a purchasing organization, OEM, or service solution, please contact our sales team. For more information about these offerings, as well as additional details on the above price list and volume discounts, please contact our sales team.

Alteryx Designer with Spatial is only available in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. Alteryx Designer with Data is only available in the United States. For other data options please contact our sales team.

Alyteryx Designer can be installed on desktop client and server.

Alteryx Designer with Desktop Automation can only be installed on a desktop OS and does not work on server OS. Automatic and scaled scheduling on server is done with Alteryx Server.