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What is TimeXtender

Get BI Done with Data Warehouse Automation

At TimeXtender, we know that you would like to get business intelligence done. You don’t have time for a protracted specification and development process. You would like results from day one, so you can get on with putting the insights to good use.

TX DWA, TimeXtenders Data Warehouse Automation Platform, enables you to get results from business intelligence in a very short amount of time. TX DWA turns a business intelligence project into a business intelligence process with a flexible solution that can grow with the needs of your business.

Data Warehouse Automation is what makes all this possible. It gives you all the benefits of a data warehouse – only faster. TX DWA is leading the way for Data Warehouse Automation on Microsoft SQL Server and works seamlessly with other SQL Server tools.

6 Benefits of Data Warehouse Automation

  • A better Data Warehousing solution
  • Satisfied business users who see results within weeks
  • A BI solution that delivers continuous business value
  • Reduced complexity and improved consistency
  • Minimized implementation and operating costs
  • Enhanced productivity and efficiency

All of this possible because the initial implementation takes place up to five times faster than in traditional data warehousing projects. Changes and improvements can be implemented without interfering with business operations. Moreover, TX DWA also minimizes repetitive, labor-intensive, and time-consuming tasks.

TX DWA: Agile and Automated

With TX DWA, planning, implementation, and deployment happen in short, agile iterations. The system generates the code automatically, and you can implement and deploy changes immediately. TX DWA automates the following:

  • Generation of ETL code
  • Building and deployment of the data warehouse
  • Generation of project documentation
  • Building of OLAP cubes, if required
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