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What is DecoHelper?

Vat Diagnostics

DecoHelper or “Decomposition Helper” is a software application for Accounting and VAT Audit professionals. It supports the need for indepth evaluation of all VAT relevance transactions executed by a company. DecoHelper identifies transactions executed by the business outside the routine AP and AR functions thus reducing the VAT risk profiles.


DecoHelper is used to reconcile VAT return numbers filed with the financial statements. The reconciliation provides a clear insight in the VAT impact for all types of business transactions. DecoHelper also reconciles the VAT return base amount numbers to the statutory accounts by grouping General Ledger accounts in the same way as done in the financial statements. This enables multinational companies to reconcile VAT returns filed with Corporate Income Tax returns.

Decomposition background

  • Purpose of the decomposition process is to inform the auditors about the relevance of individual IT, Finance and Tax function elements of financial postings and business transactions which should be subjected to further detailed analysis;
  • Key is to identify taxable amounts (revenues or expenses) where potential output or input VATs will apply;
  • Another objective is to highlight and question any potential VAT errors identified during review of the entries (e.g. under claimed input VAT or the risk of underpaid output VAT).


DecoHelper provides the following functionality:

  • Grouping of General Ledger accounts
  • Account group decomposition
  • Account decomposition
  • Comments/alerts on decomposition

All information is displayed in user friendly screens. Ledger accounts can be grouped into user-defined groups. Ledger accounts are loaded with corresponding journal entries. Per journal entry all underlying individual documents can be provided in one mouse click.


DecoHelper can be connected to SAP using the following SAP export files:

  • BKPF: Accounting Document Header
  • BSEG: Accounting Document Segment
  • SKAT: G/L Account Master Record

DecoHelper can also be used supporting other data sources (not SAP) and can be implemented with easy to use import routines.


DecoHelper pricing

In the below table are the current prices of DecoHelper.

  • Staffel administratons

  • Prijs

  • AUS*

  • t/m 10
  • € 4.990
  • € 998
  • t/m 25
  • € 9.980
  • € 1.996
  • t/m 50
  • € 12.475
  • € 2.495
  • t/m 100
  • € 14.970
  • € 2.994
  • t/m 150
  • € 17.465
  • € 3.493
  • t/m 200
  • € 19.960
  • € 3.992
  • t/m 250
  • € 22.455
  • € 4.491
  • t/m 500
  • € 24.950
  • € 4.990
  • t/m 750
  • € 27.445
  • € 5.489
  • t/m 1000
  • € 29.940
  • € 5.988

*all prices are exclusive of VAT


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