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"In an instant without knowledge of code state-of-the-art visualisations!"
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Advanced visualizations enrich your dashboards
Advanced visualizations enrich your dashboards
Vizlib's advanced visualisations combine the 'wow effect' with added value and functionality. Vizlib's extensions are modular to purchase and fully customizable to your organization. Rich style and formatting options combine the extensions seamlessly with the unique design of your dashboard. With Vizlib you lift the level of your Qlik Sense apps to great heights.

Vizlib Library
Vizlib Library is by far the most powerful dashboard solution for Qlik Sense. The incredibly intuitive user experience that requires no coding saves developers and analysts countless development hours and opens doors that were previously unimaginable. The Vizlib Library contains a wide range of Qlik Sense extensions for Visual Analytics:
  • Extra functionalities such as reference lines, Interactive tooltips, benchmark bars and customizable backgrounds for the base Qlik visualizations such as line, pile, pie and combo charts;
  • Visualizations not included by default Qlik Sense are available such as a Sankey Chart, a KPI designer, Story Timelines, Activity Gauges, Mekko Charts and a Heat Map;
  • Components such as Sliders, Calenders, Filters and advanced text objects;
  • Navigation extensions for easy adding of menus or containers;
  • Additional functionality for tables and pivot tables;
  • Option for Advanced Analytics through Forecasting and Clustering.
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Vizlib examples
line chart
line chart
heat map
heat map
Scatter plot
Scatter plot
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Vizlib video
Vizlib video
In this Vizlib video we show how the product works. This Vizlib youtube movie with a clear product explanation is good for people who have not yet taken notice of this new product. What properties does Vizlib have for my organization and what are the advantages of Vizlib compared to other products. We show it all in this Vizlib product film
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