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Business Intelligence news & updates

Victa works with intuitive Business Intelligence (BI) software from Qlik and Power BI. Victa has the Qlik Received elite partner status due to its great track record We are also a Microsoft Partner and we supply complete Azure solutions. In addition to the delivery of software, cloud services and licenses, Victa also provides business consultancy, training and project management in the field of Business Intelligence and dashboarding. In the news overview below we talk about product releases, BI developments and the latest data applications.
Azure and TimXtender
March 15 2023
In today's digital world, selecting the right tools and technologies is essential to get the most out of your business data. ....
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WK 2022
October 31, 2022
Don't just gamble and don't let your knowledge depend on a squid. Predict all results of the World Cup 22 in Qatar with our prediction tool. This tool is....
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Teeth in Vertimart
October 27, 2022
Thanks to Data Science, we are able to make better, faster and more efficient data-driven decisions, based on existing data....
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Data Science, The future is here!
July 18, 2022 - Data Science, The future is here!
Thanks to Data Science, we are able to make better, faster and more efficient data-driven decisions, based on existing data....
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Power BI targets
December 7 2021
Power BI Goals is a data driven way to set and track metrics that are really important to your organization.....
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Fit shop and Qlik Sense.
24 August 2021 is the specialist in fitness equipment, fitness and martial arts equipment, sports nutrition, clothing and fitness accessories. The more than 50 employees are...
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Python or R?
April 19, 2021 - Programming languages
At first glance, the possibilities of Python and R are very similar, but for the connoisseur there are clear differences. Below is a brief explanation ....
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Power BI for TOPdesk
March 22 2021 -Power BI
Does your organization work with Service Level Agreements and do you want to collect and provide insight into the data from different modules? Then the new Power BI Das ....
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7 reasons to choose TimeXtender
March 17 2021 - TimeXtender
Within Victa we have a wide range of products and services. One of the products we supply and which we are a big fan of is TimeXtender.....
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Welcome Martijn
February 9 2021 - Staff
We have a new colleague! This week Martijn Hogeslag started at Victa. From the Hengelo office, he will be a Business Intelligence Consultant Power ....
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Welcome Pjotter
- Staff
We have a new colleague! This week Pjotter Bolte started at Victa. From the Hengelo office, he will be a Business Intelligence Consultant Power BI ....
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Case study Dommerholt Advocaten
January 27 2021 - Customer reference
Dommerholt Advocaten is a full-service law firm with offices in Apeldoorn, Heerenveen and Zwolle. The company focuses on the business market and he ....
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Vizlib November Release
December 3 2020 -Product Release
This is the November 2020 Vizlib release summary for Qlik Sense! This month, Vizlib has focused on improving performance and function ....
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BARC's Survey 21
November 11 2020 - BARC's Survey 21
In the world's largest survey of BARC BI users, Qlik® named: # 1 in business value, customer experience, product satisfaction, business benefits ...
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Free E-Book TimeXtender
October 29, 2020 - TimeXtender
TimeXtenderDiscovery Hub helps your business better leverage the benefits of automation, cloud, and artificial intelligence (AI) with a modern data and...
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Qlik takes over
October 27, 2020 - Qlik
Qlik today acquired, a user-friendly, scalable and secure embedded integration and automation platform (iPaaS) that seamlessly ...
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New case study FleuraMetz
July 27, 2020 - New customer reference
The FM Group, founded in 1968, is a trading company in flowers, plants and accessories. Every day, 1700 colleagues in 17 countries spread over 6 continents ....
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Snowflake & Qlik Whitepaper
April 20, 2020 - Free Whitepaper
Couple Qlik en Snowflake to drive business growth. Qlik envisions a world with a lot of data. With Qlik solutions anyone can use the data ....
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Data insights in times of crisis
April 7, 2020 -Data insights
We live in unprecedented times. COVID-19 brings economies worldwide to a standstill, which makes it even more important for a company to have optimal i ...
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The convenience of E-Learning
April 6, 2020 - E-Learning
Follow a beginner's course online Qlik Sense of Power BI. You can also choose from a Master in BI training. We offer an E-Learning training for maximum ...
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Want to follow a free webinar?
March 24 2020 - webinars
Victa Live is a platform where we as Victa like to inform you about current and relevant topics. We will be 'on-air' every two weeks and we want to ...
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Case study BALR
March 17 2020 - Case study
BALR. is known for its high-end fashion, travel products and accessories for men and women. The brand based in the Netherlands was founded in 2013 by Demy d ....
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Healthcare & ICT 2020
March 10 2020
Do you want to know everything about the latest digital developments for healthcare? Then visit Zorg & ICT on 7, 8 or 9 April 2020. We are of course also at ....
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Case study Municipality of Hellendoorn
March 6 2020 - Case Study
“Particularly within the social domain, which is responsible for 40% of the municipal budget, it is important that municipalities gain insight into and control over costs ....
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Welcome Abdel
December 2 2019 - Staff
Today Abdelkarim Kaddouri started at Victa. From the Amsterdam office, he will be deployed as a Junior Consultant for various assignments with our customers ....
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Power BI for Dummies
October 24, 2019 - White paper
Fill out the registration form and download Power BI for Dummies for free. Power BI is a solution from Microsoft that helps you create insights in your data ....
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Improve your data literacy
October 7, 2019 - Download for free
In 2020, revenues from big data products and services will amount to approximately € 180 billion. Has been helping since 1993 Qlik their customers to explore their data ....
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Welcome Dannae
October 2, 2019 - Staff
We have a new colleague! Today Dannae Mortiers started at Victa. From the Amsterdam office she will work as a Business Intelligence Consultant at the ....
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Masters Summit for Qlik in Amsterdam
9 September 2019 - Workshops
Would you like to participate in a three-day training given by Qlik? Then you now have the opportunity to easily register for the Masters Summit for Qlik! 28 to 30 o ....
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Power BI vs. Qlik Sense.
July 17, 2019 - Linkedin article
Jisse Plaggenborg, Business Development Manager at Victa, has written a Linkedin article entitled "3 major differences: Power BI vs. Qlik Sen ....
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Vizlib - A quick introduction
July 12, 2019 - Plug and play
Vizlib recently added new plug-and-play analysis capabilities to the Vizlib library, such as predictive forecasting within the Vizlib charts. Me....
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