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Qlik sense workshop

Also this year we are organizing several free workshops for Qlik Sense at multiple locations. The workshops are from 13.00:16.00 pm to XNUMX:XNUMX pm and take place at our premises in Hengelo, Assen or Amsterdam.
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It is important to know that the Workshop Qlik Sense is taught in Dutch. At the Qlik Sense courses and Workshops are no longer used Qlik Sense Desktop but from an Enterprise environment. Login details are provided to the participants during the training / workshop.
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1 day
13.00 - 16.00 hours
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Qlik sense workshop

Would you like to actively participate in the button course? Don't forget to bring your laptop! The workshop is suitable for everyone and can be followed without prior knowledge.

Creating high-quality data visualisations has been around since the introduction of Qlik Sense has never been easier. Would you like to know more about Qlik Sense, the possibilities that Qlik Sense for you and your organization can offer and under the guidance of one of our experienced consultants independently with Qlik Sense getting started? Sign up now for the free Qlik Sense Workshop and convince yourself of the many possibilities offered Qlik Sense has to offer.


  • QSD-5: Creating a visualization
  • QSD-6: Add Filter panels
  • QSD-7: Create a bookmark
  • QSD-8: Create a tree map visualization
  • QSD-9: Create a map visualization
  • QSD-10: Tell your story!
  • QSD-11: Extra: Add additional data
  • QSD-12: Additional: Qlik Cloud

Search and analyze large amounts of data in an instant. Qlik Sense shows you which data is really related to each other. Analyze the data, make it known in your organization and take action earlier than you have been able to do before. With Qlik transform data into insights into all aspects of your business. Qlik Sense comes standard with a variety of FREE connectors. In addition Qlik Sense about the basic functionalities of Geo Analytics with which you can enrich your data with geographic data.

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Wietske Striekwold
Wietske Striekwold
Office Manager
074 – 2915208

Qlik Follow a Sense workshop

More about Qlik Sense.

With Qlik Sense, the people in your organization can easily visualize data interactively to make the right decisions better and faster. Qlik Sense is a data visualization application that anyone can easily use. Qlik Sense comes standard with a variety of Free connectors. In addition, Qlik Sense about the basic functionalities of Geo Analytics with which you can enrich your data with geographic data.

Qlik Elite Solutions Provider
Victa is an experienced and certified Qlik Elite Solution Provider. We offer you a complete range of Qlik professional services: Qlik-software, Qlik Cloud Hosting, Qlik consultancy, Qlik educations en Qlik helpdesk. This gives you as a customer all disciplines and services related to Qlik from one supplier.
Victa Qlik Authorized Training Partner Victa Qlik Expertise partner Victa Qlik Elite Managed Services partner Victa Qlik OEM partners Victa Qlik Elite Solutions partner
ISO certification
ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications
Victa has been officially allowed to register since the beginning of 2019 ISO 27001. call certified. With this certification we can demonstrate that the information security processes are in good order. Victa has also been officially allowed to register since the beginning of 2019 ISO 9001. call certified. With this certification we have developed a management system for quality.
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